About the Icehouse Tavern

You know how so many of the bars and restaurants that surround Coors Field exist solely for game day? We all know the drill: Shabby tents set up outside, live-feed radio dorks in the window (a paid indulgence your high drink prices are subsidizing), a general sense of chaos. They serve you mediocre beer that is jacked up in price for game day. That’s right, I said it: They charge you more on game day than every other day. Ruminate on that unpleasant tidbit.


Well, the Icehouse Tavern isn’t like that. This is a cool pub with a nice, normal pub vibe that just happens to be located a block from Coors Field. On a normal evening the Icehouse staff gives you that proper balance of positivity and attention to feel connected when you stroll in for drinks, dinner, or both. On game days, they ramp-up staff with fast & smart bartenders who serve – not to be confused with the rent-a-lamprey servers you get around the way.  PS- how do $2 Coors Lights & Bud Light drafts sound on Game Day? Awesome right?  Well, they do it every day at the Icehouse!  That’s what I’m talking ‘bout, Willis.

The Obvious: Icehouse Tavern has a big, beautiful oval bar – the better for ordering from wherever you happen to be; More high-def flat screens than you could ever possibly want; Exposed ancient brickwork all around; The absolute perfect atmosphere for pre-game food and drinks, garage doors and a patio that are open wide all summer long. And food that is reasonable and tasty.

The Not-So-Obvious: A smart, vintage feel throughout; A well-placed pool table; Deep, cozy booths; Great sound system and digital juke; A clientele devoid of the inherent sports bar douchiness that we can all live without; And the hotter-than-average women who prefer places without the aforementioned sports bar douchiness.

Forgot your sunscreen for the game? Just ask any drink slinger, they try to keep a bottle under the bar just for you. Relleno Burger sounding better than a Rocky Dog today? Order it up to go – they will wrap it for you and include the fixings. Daily drink specials are what the Icehouse is all about. Lunch or dinner, gameday or off-season, early beers or late-night grub.